Palatinus István, priest

He was born in Ada on July 26, 1961. Was the third child to parents Palatinus János and Palatinus (born Beretka) Mária Magdolna. Finished his Elementary Education in Mohol and also lived there. Done his secondary Education in Ada, and in Zenta he got the diploma of Law Technician. Consequently, he continued studying law in Novi Sad for two years.
He completed his Theological studying in Zagreb between 1983 and 1989.
On September 5, 1989, he got his Holy orders and was admitted into priesthood in his hometown, Mohol. Afterwards, he served at the following places:
From February 22, 1989 to September 7th, 1990   in Ada-Chaplain September 7, 1990 to July 8, 1991  in Subotica, Saint Teréz Church- Chaplain and in the same time, helping priest in Kelebia.
July 8, 1991 to February 9, 1996, in Horgos- Administrator.
From 1996 to July 31, 2009, in Horgos-Priest.
In 1993, he was a professor at the Collage of Katekétika’s  Theology; here, he was teaching liturgies and dogmatic studies. From February 9, 1996 -priest at the same place. March 11, 1996 of to October 15, 2001- Member of the Mission Advisor. From December 5, 2000.- Member of the Priest’s Senath.
From October 15th, 2001-  Member of the  “Katétika’s” Committee.
March 7, 2006- Member of Caritas Committee.
August 1, 2009  . -Priest at the Saint George Church.
September 1, 2009 -Educator of Theology at the College of Medicine in Subotica.


Karó László, deacon

Karó László is a permanent deacon, was born August 28, 1949 in Subotica. Completed the elementary and high school also in Subotica. His first job was in 1973 at Auto-motor Club. From this year of November 5 , until August 2001, he worked in Sever as an inside inspector and later on as a tool designer. In the meantime, he completed the TKI and earned a diploma in Education of Theology.
On June 27 , 2000 they admitted him for the permanent deacon.   Since than, he has been actively working at
the Saint George Church in Subotica.
From September 2001 - Educator of Theology.
From February 1 ,2003. - bookkeeper at Caritas. In the same time, he’s been an Educator of Theology at Kizur István and Ivan Goran Kovacic Elementary Schools.
He’s been married from 1973, father of a girl, who has been already married. He is also a grandfather to one child.
Since September 1 , 2005, he has been retired.


Pintér Apollónia, Chorister

Pintér Apollonia was born  June 5 ,1972 in Zenta. Her father, Pintér Aurél (1939-1989) certified engineer and  professor. Her mother, Pintér (born:Kecskés) Anna (1951), technician of agronomy.  Apollónia was the first born among her four siblings.
Attended the Elementary schooling in Zmaj Jovan Jovanovic School in Kanizsa (1979-1987), then the collage of Agronomy, also in Kanizsa (1987-1991), so she also became a technician of Agronomy. After her collage, she completed the 5 years-education of Chorister in Szeged (1992-1997).
She graduated May 21 ,1997,  and in the same year, in June 13, she got a diploma in Deaconess.
From January 4th ,1998 to July 15, 2007 she worked as a Chorister in Szent Kereszt Church in Subotica. From December 5 ,2008 to July 23, 2009, in Horgos, at the B.M.V. ad Nives Church, also as a Chorister.
Since August 1, 2009, she has been a Chorister at the Saint George  Church in Subotica.